About the artist

Ewelina captures the most ephemeral state of crashing wave - enables the waver to be catched within the time.


''The life comes from the ocean so am I.''

Ewelina loved painting since her youth, she started her painting journey in High School by choosing an Artistic profile and has been developing her skills and good eye ever since. She has also obtained the Master degree in Psychology which gave her a better understanding of human cognition, psychology of art and neuroesthetics. She is an exceptional Sea lover spending every moment on painting and free diving. She originally comes from Poland but lived her adult life in Malta - adorable small island of the Mediterranean Sea in Europe. Now based in Oahu, Hawaii.

Her paintings are predominately inspired by the ephemeral and calming movements of the sea. She is best known for paintings of breaking waves.

Ewelina's elegant and calming paintings capture the most elusive state of the wave. 

"Since I was a young girl I dreamed about living close to the water. I felt that as a natural state of being, all my cells were longing for the Sea - unconsciously. Moving to Malta finally gave me a chance to truly delve into the beauty of the Sea. After many years in this small charming island I moved to Hawaii. Now I am close to the Ocean, fulfilled, in harmony, absorbed by creation process. When I paint I feel connection with micro and macrocosmos and so with my own Self. I found painting as a healing process for me and I hope it will help the viewer to relax and feel peaceful as well. Combination of my skills and education led me to Art Therapy which is my second interest."

Ewelina is totally immersed in the creation process, her passion and enthusiasm for it resonates in all of her artworks. 

Every painting is as unique as unpredictable are patterns of the waves.